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Looking For an Engine Remap in Kent?


When we carry out Engine Remaps, were the power delivery will be smooth and reliable. Also retain its original driving characteristics and all its features. 

Avs Remaps confidently guarantees the most precise configuration available. We offer stock-like drivability with Huge power gains by modifying your engine‘s timing, boost, and fuel.. and by applying our secret formula! 

All of our software be it performance or economy focused is always dyno developed in the first instance which ensures we accurately monitor.


What Would the Map Change:


Modify Air Fuel Ratios

It is important to ensure optimum Air Fuel Ratios is achieved in order to ensure that perfect mixture. This in basic terms means that the engine isn’t running rich or lean fuel mixture. This is also very important in ensuring that your engine is MOT compliant.


Check Engine Knock

It is important to check engine knock when creating a good and most importantly a safe Remap. Knocking occurs when unburnt fuel in the combustion chamber explodes rather than a burning in a controlled manner. 


Correct Boost Pressure

It is important that perfect boost pressure control is hit to ensure that no spike or dips occur to ensure the maintained life expectancy of the turbo.


Exhaust Gas Temperatures

When upping the fuel and boost pressures of an engine it naturally increases the Exhaust Gas Temperatures. It is important to record the Exhaust Gas Temperatures of an engine as there is an important limit which shouldn’t be reached to ensure the longevity of your Car.


Injector Duty Cycles

This is crucial to know the fuelling limits of the injector. On some cars, we are seeing injectors reaching 100% Injector Duty Cycles which means there is no room for further modification without upgrading the injectors (Although rare). 


In conclusion, If you are looking for more power by our engine remapping service, you can rest assured that all our remaps are developed and tested to provide good, safe and reliable tuning. The never go beyond engines capabilities on standard components as your vehicle's reliability. So Get in contact today to have you car tuned by us.


So contact us today for a Quote and to see what you car can get out of remapping

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engine remapping

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